Red Chile Sativa Organic Dark Chocolate – .5:1 CBD:THC


Culinary treasures bursting with real fruit and iconic New Mexican flavors.


Indulge in fair trade, single origin, vegan chocolate inspired by the rich nature and enchanting culture of New Mexico, brimming with true full spectrum cannabinoid and terpene benefits. Our premium organic dark chocolate is infused with strain-specific, fresh-pressed, whole sativa flower, cannabidiol rosin extract made from CloudWalker Farm estate-grown cannabis sativa. These culinary delights boast a highly concentrated, native ratio of CBD and THC that is true to the plant and more effective at delivering a variety of therapeutic effects, including soothing muscle relaxation and general anti-inflammation. Combining dark chocolate and chili dates back to the ancient Aztec civilization, who indulged in chocolate long before it was introduced to the Europeans. We celebrate this delicious tradition when you’re looking for a creative boost or prepping for the dance floor. These chocolates are perfect for carefree High Desert adventures. No artificial chemicals, or solvents.

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Organic Cacao Powder, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Chiles, Organic Hemp Rosin. Less than .3% THC. LAB RESULTS:

  • Total THC: 2.276 mg/g
  • Total CBD: 2.517 mg/g
  • Sum of Cannabinoids: 5.13 mg/g
  • Total Cannabinoids: 5.13 mg/g


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